Monday, August 20, 2012

Shoot Me Monday

I've been hoping to get out to Madera Canyon to see a White-eyed Vireo that was found at the beginning of the month.  But since school started back up, I haven't had time.  Luckily the bird was seen during the week, so I headed out early Saturday morning.  When I arrived at the picnic area, I spotted two young boys with binoculars.  I headed over to them and their grandmother asked me if I was looking for the vireo.  It turns out they were from California and had just arrived the day before.  She said she wasn't sure where the apple tree was where the bird had been seen.  As they were looking at another bird, I wandered over near the stream.  I heard an unfamiliar bird call and followed it.  Sure enough it was my target bird!  I called the boys over and we all had great looks at it.  It was a lifer for me and (both?) the boys, not to mention a great bird for Pima County.  There are about thirty records in the state.   Since it was found it has lost its tail but is starting to grow a new one.  Aren't those eyes stunning?  The Wrentit is the only other passerine in the U.S. with white eyes. 

White-eyed Vireo
 White-eyed Vireo Range Map


  1. Jeremy, Glad you found the bird and siome great photos to back it up as well. Going to be trying my luck on Thursday, but with my luck it will have moved on.

  2. Lovely crisp details on the subject and nice bokeh.

  3. Wonderful images Jeremy, I love those white eyes!

  4. Glad you got this one. One of my favorite parts of birding is how some birds can be 'trash birds' in one place and highly sought-after rareties in others. I don't think I would blink for a White-eyed here in Jersey, but I would be thrilled if you could send me a Black-throated Gray Warbler!