Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another Rarity at a Tucson "Lake"

Yesterday I finally got one of my most sought after birds in Pima County.  It's another bird that I've seen many times in San Diego, but have always missed in Arizona because it's the most notorious one-day-wonder in the state, the Heermann's Gull.  Rarely has one stuck around for more than a day after being found.  It's a casual visitor in the state with most records from late fall.  UPDATE: No gull seen today, another one-day-wonder!

Heermann's Gull | Kennedy Lake | Found by John Higgins

Anyone care to guess what's to the left of that bush?

CERange Map for Heermann's Gull

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Least Tern!

Yesterday around 5 p.m. a Least Tern was reported at Lakeside Park in Tucson.  Luckily I checked my email a few minutes later to see the report.  I jumped up and told Gaby, "Gotta go, great bird" and raced out of the house.

I've birded in San Diego dozens of times without seeing a Least Tern and one shows up less than 9 miles from my house!  They're a rare spring transient in Southeast Arizona.  It's my second lifer in four days.  Thanks to Peter Collins for getting the word out on the rare bird alert.

Least Tern- a fantastic bird for Pima County
CERange Map for Least Tern