Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birding Around Princeville, Kaua'i

I didn't have to go very far from where we were staying in Princeville to see some great birds.  I was so excited about all the new birds I was seeing that Gaby said it was like I was in Disneyland.  Ha, so true. 

But before I get to the birds, I promised I would tell about all the chickens on Kaua'i.  They were everywhere!  The first ones I saw were in the parking lot of the rental car place.  They are loud too.  The roosters make noise at any hour of the day.  Apparently there have always been chickens running loose on the island.  Then in 1992 Hurricane Iniki destroyed some chicken farms and hundreds of chickens escaped.  It doesn't help that its only predators are cats, dogs, and cars.  So why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to Kaua'i.  But seriously, there is a species of bird called Red Junglefowl that look virtually identical to the feral chickens.  They can be found in more remote areas and undisturbed forests.

Princeville chickens
Here are some other birds I saw around the neighborhood.

Java Sparrow
Japanese White-eye
Japanese White-eye (juvenile)
Chestnut Munia
Chestnut Munia
Great Frigatebird
White-tailed Tropicbird
Red-crested Cardinal
Hawaiian Goose (Nene)
I also saw this cool spider, not sure what kind it is, cane?

 I also visited Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge to check out the taro fields.

Black-necked Stilt
Common Gallinule
baby Common Gallinule

Most surprising was a Snow Goose among the Nene, very rare in June.

Snow Goose and Nene

Hanalei Lookout


  1. Bonitas y variadas fotos de estas aves al cual mas bonita.Saludos

    1. Gracias Isidro, y gracias por visitar mi blog!

  2. Nice nice Jeremy! Never ending color on Hawaii. I hope you saw an I'iwiiiiiii'ii'ii'iiiii'i' (sp?)

    1. I did, but only saw it for a few seconds, so no photo. It was a juvenile, so it wasn't that pretty red, but I can't complain! I think it's 'I'iwi?

  3. That spider is insane! The birds are freakin awesome too- and that second to last scenery shot = drool-worthy.

    1. Thanks, it's the coolest shot of a spider I've taken.

  4. Wonderfully exotic birds! I can see how this was Disneyland for you! I would take this over Disneyland ANY DAY!