Monday, June 11, 2012

Shoot Me Monday

Yesterday I took this distant shot of a Tropical Kingbird at Sweetwater Wetlands.  They have become regular here in late spring and summer.  Considered an uncommon local resident in Southeast Arizona, its range has expanded here in recent years.  In fall, a few usually show up along the coast of California.  As you can see from the map below, they are one of the most widespread birds of the American tropics.    

Tropical Kingbird Range Map


  1. NIce Jeremy! I hadn't looked at the full range before. It's funny how wide that start's out, and then what a tiny trickle it becomes up through Mexico.

    I saw my first of this species earlier this year at the Tres Rios site in west Phoenix, but their greater prevalence down south gives me yet another reason (and I already have a lot lot lot) of heading back towards Tucson.

  2. Interesting that they have become so regular. I haven't seen one yet.