Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book review by my 1st graders

In her new book, Lita Judge has written about one of the most fascinating topics about birds- what, how, and why they communicate.  It explores the different forms of bird communication through 28 different species, from backyard birds of North America to birds across the globe.  Although it's geared towards a younger audience, all ages are sure to find it interesting.  Who wouldn't find the Blue-footed Booby dance intriguing?  Especially with the great illustrations.  It sparked a lot of discussion among my first graders.  I highly recommend sharing it with a youngster.  But don't take my word for it, here's what some of my first grade students have written:

"I really like the part about the owl coming to the birds and the birds say, 'Aw, we're under attack!'  Someone should buy this best book."-Gabriel, age 6

"My favorite part was when the Scandinavian Fieldfares protected the eggs by pooping on the crow.  This book is fantastic!"-Esteban, age 7

"My favorite part was when the baby chick hatched in the nest and the boys sing for a girlfriend."-Lesly, age 7 

"My favorite part is when the falcon encourages its young to fly."-Francisco, age 7

"My favorite part of the book is about the Blue Jay.  It is so awesome and cool."-Nicholas, age 6

"I think it is cool that they can mimic."-Carmelita, age 7

"My favorite part is when the baby chicks jump out of the tree and bounce."-Emmanuel, age 6

"The book was exciting and awesome.  My favorite part was how they walk on water." -Luis, age 7

"My favorite part is where the birds were pooping on the crow, fantastic!"-Angel, age 7

"My favorite part was about the wood duck that even though the baby chick can't fly, it just jumps, even though it's still puny."-Marilyn, age 7

"My favorite part is the Blue-footed Booby because it is blue."-Kyla, age 7

Two of my daughters even gave their two cents:

"I like the Flamingo because the parent talks to the baby and the baby knows what it's saying."-Bria, age 7

"It tells information about birds and how they talk.  I like how the Sun Bittern scares off its enemies."-Ariana, age 9

The end of the book has a brief description about each of the 28 birds including interesting facts, habitat, and range along with a glossary of terms.  Be sure to check out more of this fascinating book on Lita Judge's website.  It is currently available for $12.95 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Special thanks to Lita Judge who provided me with a signed review copy.  And thanks for sparking more interest in birds in my students!          

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