Monday, November 21, 2011

Shoot Me Monday

Black-crowned Night-Herons are rare in Southeast Arizona after mid-October, but can be found year-round at Reid Park in Tucson.  These guys are used to people and allow close views.  On this morning a young boy was fishing as an adult night heron watched only a few feet away.  The boy caught a little fish and tossed it to the adult.  The adult then gave it to one of these three juveniles nearby.  I read that adults do not distinguish between their own young and those from other nests.

NatGeo6 Black-crowned Night-Heron map
 purple = year-round
pink = breeding
blue = winter
dark yellow = migration


  1. Jeremy, what nice shots you got! I have found these in the trees around Rio Rico pond as well. They blend in so well that you don't see them until you scan the shoreline!

  2. Love that straight on photo... Interesting story about the boy and the fish too.