Monday, November 14, 2011

Shoot Me Monday

This weekend I saw my 200th bird in Pima County for the year, this male Belted Kingfisher.  Yay!  He was seen at Sam Lena Park.  I recognized the silhouette immediately, even though he was far away. So now that my goal for the county has been met for the year, everything else is gravy!  This is my best total since I first caught the listing bug back in 2007 when I saw 198 birds in the county.  I'm looking forward to the gravy. 


InfoNatura: Animals and Ecosystems of Latin America [web application]. 2007. Version 5.0 . Arlington, Virginia (USA): NatureServe. Available: (Accessed: November 13, 2011 ).


  1. I just got my 200th county bird for the year yesterday, Ring-necked Pheasant!

  2. super shots and congrats on #200


  3. Congrats! Great shots of that guy... It's interesting to see one without any trees (or any vegetation really) nearby!

  4. @Tim- Congrats!
    @Dan- Thanks!
    @Jen- Thanks! The fishing must be decent in those recharge basins. I saw him dive once but not sure if he got anything since he was far away.

  5. Good luck Jeremy and congrats on 200!

  6. Love your blog & photos...maybe someday I'll take up photography too...but trying hard to get good at identifying/finding birds first...I also caught the "bug" in 2007. I'm a long way from where I began...but much more to learn!

    1. Hi Janet, very cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's the great thing about birding... there's always more to learn!