Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Whiskered Screech-Owls!

Today I took the family to Madera Canyon to enjoy the beautiful weather and hummingbirds.  We missed the rare Plain-capped Starthroat and White-eared Hummingbird (despite someone trying to turn a Magnificent and Broad-billed into them).  Ice cream treats from the Santa Rita Lodge can only keep four kids interested for so long.  But we were treated to an awesome sighting of two baby Whiskered Screech-Owls that had just shown themselves for the first time.  The kids loved them!

Are they cute or what?


  1. Fantastic! This bird is still on my heard only list, would love to see 'em.

    1. Laurence, I had never seen one either! I hope to go back and see the adult and try for the hummers again.

  2. Cute would be an understatement! Especially the one with the open beak - too funny. I am sure your children were captivated.

  3. You did it Jeremy! Starthroat Whiskered screech owlets pics are worth more than gold. How many people have only heard this bird and NEVER seen one! I saw the adult the other day but unfortunately our crew dipped on the babies today. What a wonderful thing to share with the kiddos. Congrats!