Monday, February 25, 2013

Shoot Me Monday

While some schools in the country are off on President's Day, Tucson schools get Thursday and Friday off for rodeo break.  Yee-haw!  So I decided to take Gaby and the girls to Pinetop in the White Mountains to play in the snow.  With low temperatures forecasted in the teens, I was furious the day before we left when my nice Eddie Bauer jacket was stolen.  My expensive sunglasses and new gloves were in there too!  Not cool.

There was at least six inches of snow on the ground when we arrived.  It had snowed there on Wednesday when Tucson got some snow too.  Dark-eyed Juncos were around the cabin.

These are of the "Red-backed" variety.  Their blackish upper bill and bluish lower bill help separate them from the "Gray-headed" form of the Rockies.

We dropped by Rainbow Lake to check for Bald Eagles and found these Mallards slipping on the ice.

The Bald Eagles were out on the ice too along with a brave American Crow.

While I was enjoying the eagles, my girls excitedly shouted for me to come over.  This is what they had found.

A duck in mid dive frozen in the ice!  Definitely my weirdest bird sighting.

We woke up Sunday morning to falling snow and a couple inches on the ground.  The girls had a blast!


  1. I'm sorry about your jacket and glasses. The duck in the ice is a really odd sighting and the photo of the eagles is very neat!

  2. That really stinks about your jacket and glasses. Makes me angry too.

    That frozen duck is weird, very weird.

    Glad you, your wife and the girls had a great time, it looks like fun.

  3. Looks like all of you had a fun getaway. Interesting that you seek out snow in your travels while I try to avoid it. That duck under the ice is certainly strange. Sure sorry about the theft of your jacket - it seems that low brows are everywhere these days...

  4. Wow, you are brave to head FOR the snow! So sorry about your jacket and glasses and gloves! Too bad! That frozen duck is very weird and sad too! But, I am glad you and your girls did enjoy the snow. the red-backed junco was a nice find. It always trips me up until I look in the bird guide again. As a result, I have seen several "gray-headed" but have yet to see the true "red-backed" variety!