Monday, October 17, 2011

Shoot Me Monday

I was very lucky in August of this year when this male Elegant Trogon landed on a branch at eye level and sat patiently as I walked ten feet to get this unobstructed shot. 

I was in Madera Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southeast Arizona watching a tree.  Watching a tree?  Yep, the now famous chokecherry tree that attracted an Aztec Thrush.  Unfortunately, the thrush didn't show for me.  But the day before, it did show up for John Vanderpoel and could move his big year into second place all-time behind the Skua.

Elegant Trogon


  1. Now THAT is an envy-inducing bird!

  2. How wonderful to get such a close look.


  3. He looks like he has one crazy story to tell. Great picture, must've been jaw-dropping to get such a great sighting.